Thierry Blancpain

I’m a freelance designer and art director living and working in New York City. I also co-founded Grilli Type, a Swiss type foundry. You could sign up to my weekly non-design email Input—Output. Here’s a selection of my work.

GT Cinetype Minisite

Promotional website to accompany the release of GT Cinetype, a typeface inspired by a Swiss subtitling machine’s design. Typeface design by Rafael Koch & Mauro Paolozzi. Visit the website

Edition Patrick Frey

Switzerland’s foremost art book publisher has always created beautiful books, but it didn’t have a matching website. I radically simplified the navigation and put their beautiful books—and thus the shop—front and center. With Lukas von Blarer (Development). Visit the website

GT Haptik Promotion

Promotional website to accompany the re-release of GT Haptik, a typeface informed by the process of reading by touching. Type design, as well as photography and hand modeling, by Tobias Rechsteiner and Reto Moser. Visit the website

Grilli Type

GT is an independent Swiss type foundry offering custom and retail fonts. As a co-founder I am among other things responsible for the brand and our website. With Noël Leu (Co-Founder) and Pieter Pelgrims (Backend Development). Visit the website

NZZ Voting Maps

For the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, I designed the voting results maps in use on its website. Designed for Interactive Things. See live maps.

Complaint Restraint

Every February, Pieter Pelgrims and I try to stop complaining for a month. Complaint Restraint is the public version of this project, having gained about 2000 followers last year and a large media response. Visit the website

You can reach me by email or on Twitter.